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As new EHA Chairman, I invite all our members and stakeholders to navigate our Web site, where you will be able to find the latest news on the Association’s main activities. Our role as the voice of the European Rotorcraft Industry is clearly stated in the page “Mission and Objectives” of this web page, and especially important is our permanent cooperation with the authorities to support the development of the European Safety regulations. Defending the growth of our industry, to have the highest level of safety with the lowest possible bureaucracy and to respect the peculiarities of each country is a complicated challenge that obliges us to dedicate all our efforts. The establishment of the European Union started more than fifty years ago, and there is no doubt that, there is still a long way to go before all Nations walk together in the same direction. The Aviation Safety rules are a small part of the enormous European Challenges, and it is our duty to contribute to overcome them. We, at EHA, consider extremely important the repercussions of these rules on our members and by providing expertise to the different working groups we wish to assure that the experience and data provided by all the operators will be taken into account when the EASA rule makers will prepare and write the regulations, because, once approved by the EU Commission, modifying them will take again a long time, affecting the operators of which interest we are defending.

 Mr Jaime Arqué - Chairman           


Jaime Arqué, was born in 1952. He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an Executive MBA at IESE Business School. During his career he has fulfilled several important positions: Member of the Board of Directors of Helicopters Eurocopter SA (Eurocopter España); General Manager Daimler Chrysler Aerospace Ibérica, SA; Managing Director at Helicsa Helicopteros SA and subsidiaries; General Manager of Cegisa, amphibian aircrafts dedicated to Forest Fire Fighting; President  of the former European Helicopter Operators Committee, representing the Offshore Helicopters Commercial Operators; Board member of EHAC , European HEMS and Air Ambulance Committee; Member of the Board of Directors of Helidax in France; Directeur Général Délégué  of Inaer Helicopter France ( IHF ) and member of its Board of Directors; Executive Director of INAER Spain and France. He is now Chairman of the EHA as well as Board member representing Spain through AECA & Helicopteros.