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EASA published Easy Access Rules for Aircrew (Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011)
European Aviation Report: Continued growth of aviation poses environmental challenges
Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe - (SAFE)
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Easy Access Rules for Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) are available!
The EU paves the way to establish the common European drone services market
Additional Easy Access Rules for Initial Airworthiness published!
Vision for the future of General Aviation takes shape at EASA’s Annual Safety Conference
EASA paves the way to enable safe air travel of urban air mobility and air taxi aircraft
EU and China strengthen their partnership in Madrid: EASA and CAAC reaffirm their dialogue during the 2nd Aviation Safety Conference hosted by AESA
High Level Conference on Drones at Amsterdam Drone Week
SM ICG Announces Industry Day Event in Cologne, November 2018
On Air, Issue 20: Safe operations of drones in Europe
EASA New Basic Regulation 2018/1139 published
6th EASA AD Workshop
Register now: 'A Vision for the Future of General Aviation' - EASA Annual Safety Conference 2018
EASA to host 2nd Space Weather Workshop, 4 - 6 September 2018
EASA takes on new responsibilities
EASA continues to improve the access to European Aviation Safety rules
Update: consolidated version of the Agreement between the USA and the EU on cooperation in the regulation of civil aviation safety
On Air, Issue 19: The EASA General Aviation Roadmap - Editorial
12th Rotorcraft Symposium
EASA at AERO 2018: A vision for the future of General Aviation (GA)
EASA Workshop on Area 100 Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes: theoretical knowledge courses for the ATPL, MPL and CPL
Easy Access Rules for Initial Airworthiness published
Preliminary Safety Overview
Workshop on Use of training devices including FSTDs
EASA 11th Rotorcraft Symposium
EASA inaugurates Singapore office
EASA publishes the first Opinion on safe drone operations in Europe
EPAS 2018-2022
Easy Access Rules for Air Operations (version 8)