Virus Outbreaks of the Novel Corona Virus


Dear Colleagues,

I do not need to tell you about the actual devastating situation of the entire aviation sector due to the alarming proportions of the global Coronavirus pandemic.  Currently, most of the operations had to shut down completely, production lines have stopped, and airports are at a minimum level of operation. There is no aspect of our lives exempt, and our thoughts are with all those people fighting every day, either for their lives or for saving lives, and with all those who have lost their dear ones.

Despite all this, there are helicopter crews on duty every day to provide vital services to the community. They are performing HEMS in support of the National health care systems, while  Offshore helicopters keep offshore installations up and running; and pipeline and power line patrolling helicopters keep our energy systems secured. In many countries like the UK and Germany, civil operators and even private owners offer their helicopters and fixed-wing to move medical and protective equipment and specialized medical personnel to places where they are urgently needed.

COVID-19 patients are transported by helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from countries where the medical facilities are exhausted to countries where there are still free intensive care beds available.

EHA and the National Helicopter Associations work closely with EASA and the CAAs to find practical operational working solutions which can keep our crews and helicopters flying, always assuring the highest level of safety and protection.

On the EHA and EASA homepage, you will find information on best practices and OEMs recommendations received from our members.  We kindly encourage you to read and circulate them to your network. We also welcome any particular procedure you wish to share with the helicopter community.

Although we do not have a crystal ball to see when this extremely challenging situation will end, we still have to look ahead and develop plans to get to normal operations. Now more than ever, we can succeed only by closely working together.

Stay healthy and fly safely!


EASA has created a dedicated section on COVID-19 which can be found here

EHA has recently published under the section "news" the following EASA articles:


Download here the full document


Coronavirus resurgence: Commission steps up action to reinforce preparedness and response measures across the EU

Links to the documents listed in the Information Notice:

Airbus Information letter 1, 2, 3

Leonardo Information letters

Bell Information letter

Technical Notification Bulletin (received from Norsk Luftambulanse, Norway)

DGSCGC Protocole (document in France language received from Union Française de l'Hélicoptère)

UK CAA Safety Notice (received from the British Helicopter Association)

OGUK Helicopter Transfer Flowchart (received from the British Helicopter Association)

Sikorsky Information letter

 SOP Heli Austria

Up & Away company presentation, Bacoban presentation




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