EHA Priorities

Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST)

The Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST) is a public–private initiative to enhance worldwide flight operations safety in all segments of the vertical flight industry. Team members comprise international regional safety teams; safety authorities, including civil aviation authorities; and other industry stakeholders that work to improve worldwide vertical flight safety.

The organization’s mission is to continuously improve the worldwide vertical flight community’s safety culture and operational performance through collaboration, harmonization, coordination, and implementation of global safety information, resources, and programs while supporting regional safety team data that promote vertical flight’s societal contributions.

VAST has five chief goals:
- Establish VAST as the world’s most trusted source for vertical flight safety information and resources
- Establish working groups to represent key segments and issues relevant to the global VTOL industry
- Formalize leadership positions, working groups, and advisory roles for participating organizations and individuals
- Identify, collect, harmonize, and deliver centralized access to safety information and resources from participating stakeholder  entities
- Provide and coordinate a forum where regional safety teams, safety authorities, and other industry stakeholders can work together on vertical flight safety issues.

EHA is active part of the Working Groups focusing on safety and on new technologies.


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